Why the group called the cit group is still here

Why the group called the cit group is still here

An internet search on the name “cit group” on the Twitter account of the online magazine cit group reveals a group of women who have been called “cit groups”.

It also includes a reference to a 2012 video, “Cit group” that showed a group in the UK who call themselves the “cit”, as well as “cite” and “citing”.

In a Facebook post published this month, the group wrote: “The cit group and other group of internet feminists have been the subject of a long and ugly online campaign, one that has been ongoing since late 2011.

It has targeted, bullied and silenced women and men who speak out for women’s rights.

It’s been very bad.

The result has been that the cit is now officially dead.”

In its defence, cit group has said the women it refers to are part of the group and have spoken to its members for years.

The group also claimed that the video that made the group famous had been faked and had been uploaded to YouTube without their knowledge.

The group’s defence has also been challenged by another group, the Cit Group UK, which says it is not a “cited” group and does not have a Twitter account.

A spokeswoman for the group said: “The cit Group UK is a group created in 2011 and does exist, though it is a non-existent social media presence.

It is a private, independent, and non-profit organisation that exists to promote, support and advocate for the women who are part and parcel of the cit.”

The group has never received money from anyone, nor has it received support from any political party.

“She said the group had never used social media to promote the group.

In an email, a spokesperson for the organisation, Julie Wainwright, said: We do not agree with the group’s claims.

We have never received funding from any politician, organisation or any other group. 

The group is not affiliated with any political organisation.

We are very pleased that our members are making an honest effort to come forward and discuss this issue, but in the interests of fairness and transparency, we are not making any further comment.”

In the meantime, we would like to say that the group is open and willing to share our experiences of being targeted and silenced by the cit for speaking out against misogynistic attacks.

“The group also claims to have a YouTube channel with over 30,000 subscribers.

In the video posted on January 6, a group called “citation” is shown, along with the caption: “Women are the future.

We will speak up for them.

“It also includes the slogan: “We have spoken out for ourselves.

“The video has since been removed, although the group has since posted a new video.

The statement from the group read: “You’ve seen a lot of these videos on the internet and you have heard the same messages.

You’ve heard the cries for the cit to be taken down, to be banned.

“But in reality, this group of female feminists are the ones who have spoken up against misogynist attacks on women and have made sure that the internet does not allow this to happen again.

And we are glad that we have been given a platform for this to be said.”

A spokeswoman said: “The name of the website cit group refers to the group of online feminists that have been active since the late 2011 video, ‘Cit Group’, was made.”

Citation was not created to criticise anyone and it has never sought to harm anyone, or to promote sexism, misogyny or misogyny culture.

“It has been created as an opportunity to discuss and educate the public on the history of feminism and to promote women’s equality and self-determination in a way that does not reinforce misogynist and transphobic stereotypes.”

We encourage people to watch and support the group by sharing the videos and messages that they find inspiring.

“A great number of our members have been part of Cit Group since it was founded and have been vocal and outspoken about the issue of internet harassment.

We believe that we are a vibrant group of people that have come together in order to support each other in their efforts to fight for women and gender equality.”


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