Trump’s ‘fake news’ claims on ‘fake’ news

Trump’s ‘fake news’ claims on ‘fake’ news

A New York Times article has exposed the claims Trump made about a recent CNN report about a fake “fake news” story about him, including the assertion that CNN fabricated its claims about him.

“CNN is just like the fake news network,” Trump told a rally in Pensacola, Florida, last week, according to a report in The Washington Post.

“They are very dishonest.”

Trump’s campaign quickly dismissed the story as “fake,” and a spokeswoman for the network told the Associated Press the report is “unfounded.”

But the Times’ report does contain some key details about Trump’s false claim about the CNN report.

For instance, it notes that the reporter who wrote the story, CNN’s Dan Merica, is a veteran Washington Post reporter.

“He’s had to deal with some pretty nasty attacks, including death threats,” the Times reports.

“And he has defended CNN’s coverage of him.

CNN has apologized for the inaccurate story.”

The story also cites a quote from CNN senior political analyst and political commentator Don Lemon about Trump.

“If I was Trump, I would be worried about what he’s going to do in the future,” Lemon said.

“I’m very, very concerned about what his next move is.”

The Times also notes that CNN has a long history of publishing stories that appear to be false, including a story about Trump in 2016 that said he “had a massive drug problem,” a false report about him in 2016, and a false claim that Trump is “one of the most dishonest men in politics.”

The article also notes the Times has “documented several times” that CNN’s “editorial standards are at the very least low,” including a report on Trump’s “dramatic fall” from his previous high in the polls in the 2016 campaign.

“In other words, CNN is one of the least trusted news organizations on the planet,” the report states.

The Times article comes as Trump is under fire for his repeated claims that he is the victim of a “fake” media that has “made up” his election win.

CNN’s Jake Tapper and The Washington Examiner have been critical of Trump, who has repeatedly attacked the news organization and called its reporters “fake people.”

In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash on Friday, Trump accused CNN of using “fake stories” to create doubt about him and his victory, saying: I was the victim, Dana, of a dishonest media, and I don’t care who the people are that write it.

And I don, I don’s not even think it was made up.

The CNN story did not mention any specific instances of CNN “fabricating” stories about Trump or the Times article.

The report notes that in 2016 CNN ran an article about Trump that accused him of “pandering” to voters in New Hampshire by telling them that he would “endorse” a Republican in the general election.

CNN, which did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment on Friday evening, has previously said it has not seen any evidence that it has “fabrics” or “fake content” on the website.

“We have published numerous articles that we believe accurately reflect our editorial standards and approach to reporting,” CNN’s corporate office wrote in a statement.

“The story was originally created for a business audience, and CNN had nothing to do with the creation or publication of the article.

We have zero evidence that any of the materials we publish have been fabricated.”

CNN has published numerous stories that it believes accurately reflect its editorial standards.

The statement added that CNN had no information to provide on the validity of the report, and it is not an issue that has been raised by the company.

The Trump campaign has previously criticized the network, which has a large audience of Hispanic-American viewers.

The network recently aired an interview between Trump and Univision host Jorge Ramos in which the GOP presidential nominee discussed immigration.

The video was removed from the network’s website shortly after it aired, but Trump later released a statement calling the network “the real victim of this election,” and accusing the network of “making up” stories to discredit him.


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